Friday, September 9, 2016

I Wonder What Is Going On? A Thought on the 15th Anniversary of 9-11-01 and the 4th Anniversary of Benghazi.

So over the last week I have noticed that my blogroll is not in order of new posts posted by the different blogs that I follow. Google doing some censoring in the lead up to the election?

How many Americans were still worried about Japanese Kamikaze attacks or Nazi Concentration camps in 1956? Oh right. NONE. Because we completely defeated those threats.
Something to think about this weekend on the 15th anniversary of the inaugural attacks of the 9-11 and on the 4th anniversary of the Benghazi Attacks.

Our fight against radical Muhammadism is as old as our country. It was contained until the 1970s. It is contained no longer. We really have few choices in our dealing with it. And we have precious few allies in the fight against it, those that are really in it to contain it and defeat it. 

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