Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gentlemen And Ladies: Prepare To Defend Yourselves.

A Quick Note: Sipsey Street Irregulars has gone dark. He issued a brief statement without details on both the blog and social media. I wish Matt V. the best. Hopefully we will see his return sooner than later.


In light of the recent terror attacks this last weekend I think it is important for us to reevaluate our personal responses and plans to such events. It is being reported that the knife attacker in Minnesota had to be shot several times due to the fact that he kept trying to attack. Gabe Suarez has one solution for this kind of problem: Shoot Them In The Face and Continue To Shoot Them In The Face. If you can not shoot them in the face, then try this. This is not a new solution. However, this solution requires practice, practice, and more practice.

Gabe Suarez is not without detractors. However, I am grown up enough to recognize both good and bad ideas when I see them. Good people can have bad ideas. Bad people can have good ideas. It is for us to decide what knowledge we want to use for ourselves. Honestly, is was this article from his blog that caused me to pause and reconsider the AR pistol.

Shooting attackers in the face makes sense. Look at the situation earlier this year in Dallas. It is a known fact that terrorists are using body armor. They may also be wearing explosive vests or belts. The future attacks that are coming (and they are coming) on this soil will include similar tactics to what we saw in the Brussels attack.

Notice that the Minnesota Knife Attack occurred in a gun free zone as well. I have long posited that Gun Free Zones are target rich environments. There are certain places in the city that I live in that I do not go to due to the fact that if I were a terrorist, those locations would be my number one target. We as individuals have to make an important decision: Do I carry concealed in areas that do not allow it in order to protect myself against a potential attack? You have to make that decision for yourself. Life is full of consequences for all of the decisions that we make.

Defending ourselves goes beyond just the gun or knife though. We have to be prepared physically, mentally, spiritually.

The ride is only going to get rougher from here.


  1. The enemy is not affraid to die, infact they seem to expect and welcome it. Eliminating that type of combatant should come by any means required to get the job done.

    1. One of the hardest things is to break through the normalcy bias of Americans. To make them understand that they are absolutely hated. Once you do that, then the discussion of defending ourselves effectively is the next discussion.

  2. Americans are neck deep in denial...and that is not a river in Egypt.