Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Random Thoughts For The Almost Ides Of September.

I neglected to mention that Sunday was also the 333rd anniversary of the defeat of the Ottoman forces at the gates of Vienna. The Polish Winged Hussars hold a mystique to this day. The threat was just as real then as it is today. There is a gold of history to be explored in the way that Poland dealt

with the threat of Islamic invasion in the years that led up to the Battle of Vienna.


I finally got to watch the movie "13 Hours." Very, very close to the book that it is based off of. While not a "great" movie, nonetheless, I was very pleased how well it was filmed. Michael Bay films are known for chaotic one and half second cuts. Bay took his time with this.


I am two weeks into my Transition Leave from the Army. It is very odd not having to get up so early each morning. I have maintained contact with some of guys from the unit. I could not left at a better time.


Hillary's Weekend. Wow. Thank God for the alternative media. Damage control will not get rid of the image of her leaving the Ground Zero memorial. Less than 60 days folks. It is going to get crazy from here on out.


John Mosby had a great article this week. Read it. As he said, "Go. Train. Be Dangerous. Be a mentor."


Saw this book referenced in a post from WSRA in the past couple of days. Excellent. By the way, there is a lot of interesting texts on the linked website. Again, big boy rules.


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