Thursday, September 29, 2016

Gray Man Idea: Another Working Man With His Tools.

A little over five years ago, Matt Bracken wrote an article about finding a sawzall tool case in the trash. He relayed how he took it home and converted it into a carbine case, in which all but an inch of the barrel were hidden inside the tool case.

That article has always stuck with me. This morning I ended up at Walmart with an unexpected flat tire. I started walking up and down the aisles waiting. Then I saw the tool box in the top picture. 26 inches long. ~8 inches deep. This would totally hide a disassembled AR15 carbine, and a fully assemble AR15 pistol depending on the barrel length. The average 16 inch barreled upper with the A2 flash hider is right at 25 inches overall length. If you used the pick and pluck foam from here or any other kind of gun case foam, you could have a lockable gray man gun case.

Then I was at Lowes this evening and then saw this one:

The top tool box was about $26. The Kobalt one is about $30-$35. What do you all think?

Weather and distress it and no one will think anything of it.


  1. I'd personally go with Kobalt. Black is low key and it seems to be deeper for ammo storage

    1. SoM,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I agree, the Kobalt tool box did seem lower key and a little deeper than the other tool box. There are a lot of gray man possibilities out there. Always keep a weathered eye open to see them.

  2. FWIW, subdued colors, such as grey, are not noticed by the human eye as quickly as black may be, depending on the environment. Something to consider. I have found that the grey toolboxes 26 X 10 X 9 are typically a bit more expensive, but then, there's always flea markets and garage sales.

    I spent $5 on a tennis racket case, lined it with egg crate foam that I had laying around, and 'voila' as they say, I had an AR or AR pistol case. Of course, if someone asks me if I play tennis, I need to be conversant enough to not draw attention....

    This is ALL good discussion!!

    1. DTG,

      Thanks for stopping by. The idea for all of this came from the Cohort One Five blog article which they discussed the same idea of a sports bag or tennis racket like you mentioned above. Here is the link:

      You are correct about subdued colors. I keep forgetting about garage sales and flea markets. Great suggestion!