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Cold War Visions, British Style - Some of my favorites

QED - What happens when a 1 Megaton Nuclear Bomb hits a city for those who can't see the imbed. I will do the same for the below videos.

The War Game from 1965. Considered so graphic it was pulled from being broadcast by the British Government and was not seen for nearly 3 decades. 

Threads was aired on 1984, one Sunday night at 9pm to an unsuspecting UK TV audience, it single handedly put the nation off the nuclear war effort and was then quitely removed from the archives until 2002. Threads redefines the word grim and is hard to imagine what sort of impact this would have had on its viewers given its from an era in TV when there was only 4 channels and a Mary Whitehouse mentality towards censorship. It showed once here in the US on the TBS Superstation. The best comparison film for Threads is The Day After. However, Threads shows a multi-generational effect of Nuclear War.

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The Finno-Russian Winter War. Various references

Fire and Ice : The Winter War of Finland and Russia

The Demise of the Classical Education

From the American Catholic Blog:

Humanities Replaced by Banalities

In fine, I have written my work, not as an essay which is to win the applause of the moment, but as a possession for all time.Thucydides
I recall as a boy the first day I made the magic acquaintance of Thucydides who unlocked for me an enduring love of ancient Greece.  I then passed on to Herodotus and Plutarch, and next to Plato and Aristotle.  As a boy and teenager in Paris, Illinois the great historians and philosophers of Greece, and then Rome, became my favorite instructors.  Looking on the way in which most colleges and universities ignore this priceless heritage today is painful.  My favorite living historian, Victor Davis Hanson describes the magnitude of the loss:

The way this indoctrination played itself out in the typical humanities class was often comical. Homer’s Odyssey was not about an early epic Greek hero, who, with his wits, muscle, and courage overcomes natural and human challenges to return home to restore his family and to reestablish the foundations of his community on Ithaca—a primer on how the institutions of the early polis gradually superseded tribal and savage precursors. Instead, the Odysseycould be used to lecture students about the foundations of white male oppression. At the dawn of Western civilization, powerful women, such as Calypso and Circe, were marginalized and depicted as anti-social misfits, sorceresses on enchanted islands who paid a high social price for taking control of their own sexuality and establishing careers on their own terms. Penelope was either a suburban Edith Bunker, clueless about the ramifications of her own monotonous domesticity, or, contrarily, an emancipated proto-Betty Friedman, who came of age only in the 20-year absence of her oppressive husband and finally forged outlets for her previously repressed and unappreciated talents. The problem is not necessarily that such interpretations were completely untrue, but that they remain subsidiary themes in a far larger epic about the universal human experience.
Students were to discover how oppressive and unfair contemporary life was through the literature, history, and culture of our past—a discovery that had no time for ambiguity such as the irony of Sophocles’s Ajax, or the tragedy of Robert E. Lee. Instead, those of the past were reduced to cut-out, cardboard figurines, who drew our interest largely to the extent that they might become indicted as insensitive to women, gays, minorities, and the poor of their age—judged wanting by comfortable contemporary academic prosecutors who were deemed enlightened for their criticism. To the extent that these dreary reeducation seminars were not required as part of the General Education curriculum, students voted with their feet to pass them up; when enrollment was mandatory, students resigned themselves never to suffer through similar elective classes in the future.
Go here to read the rest.  Cicero noted that to be ignorant of history is to forever remain a child.  It should not surprise us then that we have raised up generations in which too many people are physically adults, but otherwise think and act like children whose education has been sorely neglected.
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Andrew Cuomo, Father Barron and Alexis de Tocqueville

Statue of Bigotry
Hattip to cartoonist Michael Ramirez for his brilliant Statue of Bigotry cartoon.  A guest post by commenter John By Any Other Name:

Father Robert Barron, who no one could credibly call a firebrand, had a post at National Review Online that caught my attention:
The good guv’ner somewhat walked back his comments, trying to spin it that it wasn’t that people who were pro-life, pro-”assault weapons” and “anti-gay” (these were the other two descriptors Cuomo used) weren’t welcome, just that they would have a hard time winning office in the state.  Yet, Father Barron properly captures the evil of this in his observation: “they should be actively excluded from civil society!”
This is precisely what Alexis de Tocqueville was discussing in the below quote.  I stumbled across this one while looking for another quote from Democracy in America.  I confess I haven’t actually read the book, though it’s on my reading list after I finish the Knox translation of the Bible and a few other important books.  Emphasis is mine.
Tyranny in democratic republics does not proceed in the same way, however. It ignores the body and goes straight for the soul. The master no longer says: You will think as I do or die. He says: You are free not to think as I do. You may keep your life, your property, and everything else.  But from this day forth you shall be as a stranger among us. You will retain your civic privileges, but they will be of no use to you. For if you seek the votes of your fellow citizens, they will withhold them, and if you seek only their esteem, they will feign to refuse even that. You will remain among men, but you will forfeit your rights to humanity. When you approach your fellow creatures, they will shun you as one who is impure. And even those who believe in your innocence will abandon you, lest they, too, be shunned in turn. Go in peace, I will not take your life, but the life I leave you with is worse than  death.
Father Barron concludes saying that what ought to bother us is that once one group (Catholics) are excluded from civil society, the tactic will be re-applied as necessary to any who aren’t in line with the establishment.
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Rhodesia (playlist)

Rhodesia (playlist)

for future watching.

  1. 1

    Mugabe and white african

    by jessuatwork 57,747 views…
  2. 2

    Rhodesia 1976

    by mediumcool123 118,258 views
    A TV News report from Rhodesia in 1976
  3. 3

    Tribute to the soldiers of the Rhodesian Bush War - music by Emitt Rhodes

    by goldsmice 33,203 views
    This is a tribute to all of the brave men who fought in the Rhodesian Bush War against Communist terrorism. The music is "Gonna Fight the War" by Emitt Rhodes (who was not from Rhodesia, despite his name.)…

  4. 5


    by Scottladoux 7,488 views
  5. 6

    Greys Scouts 1890-1980 (2)

    by Michael Watson 1,633 views
    Greys Scouts Rhodesia dedication
  6. 8

    John Edmond - The Shangani Patrol

    by notterriblyclever 25,837 views
    His troopers, they were loyal
    His troopers, they were youn…
  7. 10


    by StrikeForce20 2,955 views
    A remembrance to the beautiful nation of Rhodesia. Note: I think a few words are misspelled it did this fast. Thank you.
  8. 12

    Mugabe and the White African trailer…
  9. 13

    U.D.I Song Rebels and Rogues

    by skellem001 10,776 views
    A video dedicated to my mate Mike Watson and the Grey Scouts , thanks !
  10. 14

    Rhodesia : A Nation at War

    by memoriesofrhodesia 23,900 views
    From our DVD Series RHODESIA: A NATION AT WAR, available from
  11. 15

    The Bush War In Rhodesia

    by Dariusz Werner 43,544 views
    In memory of the fallen and for all those who fought in Rhodesian bush war against Mugabe's regime. Glory and respect to all those brave people…
  12. 16

    Rhodesia - 'What A Time It Was...'

    by Rhodie Videos 48,899 views Rhodesia - 'What A Time It Was...' Words and music from Clem Tholet recorded at the last RTV fundraising 'Troopie Show' of 1978. Clem asks the question 'What would happen if the world had another Hitler?' In light of recent years in the now 'free Zimbabwe', the sentiments are e…
  13. 18

    David Scobie & Brigitte Rodrigues - Bougainvillea (We don't like Bob)

    by David Scobie 38,068 views
    David Scobie & Brigitte Rodrigues - Bougainvillea (We Don't Like Bob!)
    These CD's & downloads available from
  14. 19

    Clem Tholet - Rhodesians Never Die

    by notterriblyclever 161,650 views
    Music by Clem Tholet, pictures from various sources.…
  15. 20

    The BSAP of Rhodesia

    by memoriesofrhodesia 30,248 views
    From out series The British South Africa Police, available only from or
  16. 21

    "George" Tribute to the Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment

    by brothersofconquest 40,171 views
    This video is a tribute to the brave men that served in the Rhodesian Armoured Car Regiment during the Bush War. They were nicknamed "The Black Devils" by their enemy.…
  17. 22

    Rhodies Everywhere

    by Stan Schroeder 31,311 views
    Another song about Rhodesia
  18. 23

    A weekend in Rhodesia.

    by salisbury77 39,585 views
    A weekend with great fun in Beautiful Rhodesia in mid-seventies.
  19. 24


    by memoriesofrhodesia 66,228 views
    From our DVD series RHODESIA 1890-1980, available from and
  20. 25

    Memories Of Home

    by Zim Wolf 38,848 views
    Here is another one I have done. I had to convert it from MPEG to WMV to fit on here but it seems the quality has held. Again thanks to all for the pics that I was given to make this possible and to Hennie Bekker for making some of the most amazing African CD's, I have used one of his songs in this video. Als…
  21. 26

    From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe

    by memoriesofrhodesia 98,703 views
    Segment from the film of the same name from our WINDS OF CHANGE series, available only from or
  22. 27

    selous scouts battalion song

    by marjan223 23,665 views
    selous scouts…
  23. 28

    Rhodesia - The Nyadzonya Raid

    by memoriesofrhodesia 87,024 views
    From our DVD THE SELOUS SCOUTS, the raid into the Nyadzonya Camp in Mozambique. Can be purchased from or
  24. 29

    Rhodesia - Internal Operations

    by memoriesofrhodesia 63,458 views
    Graphic War Footage from Rhodesia in the 1970's. Part of our Rhodesia at War DVD series available from www.memoriesofrhodesiacom or
  25. 30

    Rhodesia - External Operations

    by Rhodie Videos 63,241 views
    Footage from external operations conducted in Zambia and Mozambique during the Rhodesian bush war with music by Nic Pickard. More details and DVDs available from Msasa Enterprises at
  26. 31

    Beautiful Rhodesia

    by salisbury77 223,604 views
    A pieceful and friendly nation, not destroyed by international terrorism but by international politism. The scenes in this film are from mid seventies…
  27. 32

    Topic 23 - Zimbabwe

    by BahaiPeaceChair 191 views
    Topic 23 - Zimbabwe
  28. 34

    Homes In Zimbabwe - It Really Matters

    by ocicatprod 4,107 views
    An appeal on behalf of the frail elderly in Zimbabwe
  29. 35

    Rhodesian Light Infantry - 'The Saints'

    by Rhodie Videos 72,771 views
    The authentic history of the Rhodesian Light Infantry from its origins as 'A' Company in 1960, to the lowering of the Regimental Colours in 1980. More details, DVD and book available from Msasa Enterprises at
  30. 36

    Rhodesian SAS

    by memoriesofrhodesia 311,616 views
    The Rhodesian SAS. From our Video Series THE WARRIORS OF RHODESIA available from
  31. 37

    'Green Leader' Raid on Rebel Camps in Zambia

    by greenleader01 136,487 views
    Warning: Strong Language…
  32. 38


    by Guy Cockcroft 71,354 views
    A few photos and memories of back in Zim, to Bud Cockcroft's "Dreaming"
    go to to find out about purchasing Bud Cockcroft's CD
  33. 39

    John Edmond - The Shangani Patrol

    by notterriblyclever 25,837 views
    His troopers, they were loyal
    His troopers, they were youn…
  34. 42

    'Rhodesian Forces - A Tribute In Sound'

    by MsasaVideos 55,214 views Rhodesian Forces - A Tribute in Sound Samples from CD of Rhodesian Forces regimental music and sound effects - including rare songs of the Selous Scouts and the RAR. CD available from Msasa Enterprises -
  35. 43

    Rhodesia Unafraid (Part 1/2) -

    by newrhodesianforum 129,005 views
    A Rhodesian documentary made in 1978 - in the height of the Rhodesian Bush War. This video was never seen ever since until now. It was donated to Our Site, by a former Rhodesian Light Infantry Chaplain, who actually made this film. He added:…
  36. 44

    Mike Westcott & Leprechaun - It's a Long Way to Mukumbura Slideshow of Rhodesia

    by kinohare 10,623 views
    Mike Westcott & Leprechaun - It's a Long Way to Mukumbura Slideshow of Rhodesia.
  37. 45

    Mashonaland Welcoming Home

    by Warren Mandy 1,804 views
    Written and performed by Warren Mandy with Agysimba . Produced by Martin Smith (ELO)
  38. 47

    Rhodesia in photos

    by salisbury77 9,717 views
    This is photos that we have found of various websites several years ago. Thanks to all those unknown people who collected them so we could show them to all friends of Rhodesia. Thanks also to all unknown people who owns some of the photos. We have not been able to thank you since we do not know wher…
  39. 48

    Clem Tholet - Rhodesians Never Die

    by notterriblyclever 161,650 views
    Music by Clem Tholet, pictures from various sources.…
  40. 49

    Spitfire The Pursuit Of A Dream

    by Darrell Vermaak 15,318 views
    Documentary about the restoration of a Mk 22 Spitfire in the late 70s and its first flight in 1980.…
  42. 51


    by 91amp 19,742 views
    Rhodesian Song about the brave Troopies
  43. 52

    Tribute to the soldiers of the Rhodesian Bush War - music by Emitt Rhodes

    by goldsmice 33,203 views
    This is a tribute to all of the brave men who fought in the Rhodesian Bush War against Communist terrorism. The music is "Gonna Fight the War" by Emitt Rhodes (who was not from Rhodesia, despite his name.)…
  44. 53

    Rhodesia song HD

    by manxmedic 8,493 views
  45. 54

    Rhodesia song HD

    by manxmedic 8,493 views
  46. 55


    by 91amp 5,520 views
    A Rhodesian song
  47. 57

    Whewe Song

    by 91amp 36,526 views
    a Fantastoc song showing how the Rhodeisians overcame everything the world threw at them (sadly even the Mother country, led by communists…
  48. 58

    Cut to the Bone - A Autobiography by Craig Bone

    by Bonzo 1,215 views
    Cut to the Bone is a biography exploring the life and times of an artist, and solider from Africa.
  49. 59

    African Christmas ( Warren Mandy)

    by Warren Mandy 2,752 views
    Written and sung by Warren Mandy with Agysimba ( Adam and Sarah Mandy) produced by Martin Smith ( ELO )
  50. 60

    'Hondo' - Rhodesia's forgotten war

    by enartee 60,125 views
    Imagery from external operations during the forgotten bush war in Rhodesia. Clip from the DVD 'The Final Chapter' produced by Msasa Enterprises - view details and more titles at
  51. 61

    John Edmond Sweet banana

    by Vorobye 2,713 views
    Decided to put it on YouTube since I could only find the actual RAR Anthem.…