Friday, January 31, 2014

Cold War Visions, British Style - Some of my favorites

QED - What happens when a 1 Megaton Nuclear Bomb hits a city for those who can't see the imbed. I will do the same for the below videos.

The War Game from 1965. Considered so graphic it was pulled from being broadcast by the British Government and was not seen for nearly 3 decades. 

Threads was aired on 1984, one Sunday night at 9pm to an unsuspecting UK TV audience, it single handedly put the nation off the nuclear war effort and was then quitely removed from the archives until 2002. Threads redefines the word grim and is hard to imagine what sort of impact this would have had on its viewers given its from an era in TV when there was only 4 channels and a Mary Whitehouse mentality towards censorship. It showed once here in the US on the TBS Superstation. The best comparison film for Threads is The Day After. However, Threads shows a multi-generational effect of Nuclear War.

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