Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Article Five Convention, Why The Left Always Wins, And Other Rambling Thoughts

This last weekend there was a simulated walk through of an Article Five Convention at Williamsburg, Virginia. I have always had concerns about such a real event getting overtaken by the LRPs (leftist radical progressives) and flushing everything down the toilet. They do not follow rules and the means justify the ends for them. However, if Queen Jezebel is elected in a little over a month from now, how do you think the states will respond?

Day One Report, Day Two Report, and the End Report. Here is the Main Page of Convention of States.

Again, I have my reservations about it all. However, it seems we are rapidly approaching the point of what do we have to lose.


The Left Always Wins. This article is circulating through the blogosphere today. We need to realize, with deadly seriousness, that the LRPs will not stop until we are converted, displaced (encamped), and ultimately dead and left to rot. has a great analysis here with some additional thoughts: The (LRPS) is Unreasonable and Base their self image on TOTAL VICTORY, not decency.

By the way, the author of the main article is not a political or historical guy. His PhD is in mathematical statistics.

Kind of reminds me of Dr. Bill Warner.


I am 28 days into my transitional leave. I have kept busy with family projects and such. The job hunt is slow. I counted on that. I have had a lot of time to develop a future AR build list. I have built on paper a Recce rifle, AR pistol, and Glock. Using such places as Palmetto State Armory, AIM Surplus, and others I have developed the list for what some would pay for one prestige level rifle from say Salient, Knights Armament, et. al. Nothing against those manufacturers. It is all about choices.

That being said, look for articles in the next few months on these builds and other gear as I can get to it.

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