Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Job Hunt Continues. What I Am Reading On The Interwebs Right Now.

So, the job hunt continues here in our new hometown. I have applied for both governmental and non-governmental jobs. At some point I will have to change tack and look at other avenues for income. It is a challenge.


More Skull Stomping Sacred Cows: Mosby is at it again. In very direct language (meaning: he is a advocate of the Patton Doctrine), he addresses concerns and thoughts about how the progressive-
communist left is becoming more froggy with their increasingly violent actions around the country. His post is flying around the patriot blogosphere. In a nutshell, he predicts that the coming unpleasantness (and it is coming) will not look at all like the war of 1861-1865, but rather (as Matt Bracken, Rawles, and Selco have been warning for a very long time) more like Yugoslavia or South America. These are known as Dirty Civil War, that are fought in the shadows, with the occasional flare in the street.

There is a serious normalcy bias issue in this country. With Trump we were given some breathing space to continue to prepare ourselves for the upcoming violent backlash. And it is coming. Berkley was just their movement clearing their throat.

History Is Inevitable: VFS is on target again with their latest post. Read it. Think about it. It is coming.

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