Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Transitions Stacked Upon More Transitions. Other Posts I Have Been Following In The Meantime.

Transition is always difficult. It can become easily overwhelming when you have multiple transitions stacked one upon another. Leaving a career and moving alone seem difficult enough. Having your oldest child move out at the same time add to it. It is exciting to see him start to spread his wings and begin his own life. There is also loss. Siblings miss him. His mother and I miss him. But it is the way of things.

Then you add the wreck during the move. My family is still dealing with the aftermath of that.

Then the hard realization that you acquired too many things to fit into your new home which is barely 2/3's the size of your previous home. It is interesting to note that my wife and I have toyed with the idea of downsizing our lives. Now begins the hard choices that go with it. It is just stuff. We did do some downsizing prior to the move knowing we were moving into a smaller home. But even a previous visit did not completely prepare us for the reality of the situation.

My job search is shifting gears due to the freeze on hiring federal civilians. The story of my life. Fortunately, there is a lot of opportunity here in our new hometown.


Historian on the Warpath: I found this great website on historical things. I am adding him to the blog roll. Great stories on ancient and medieval topics.

The Angry Man: This article floated around the blogosphere for awhile when it came out. I very much identify with many of the thought here. You do realize we are currently in a Cold Civil War right now?

"...And The Powers Not Delegated.": A great piece from Brushbeater on one of the many unknown facets of American history.

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