Thursday, January 19, 2017

Grateful Beyond Words-A Quick Update On Our Move

On Tuesday morning we left our old house (not for good, still have to do final clean up and paint) and 45 minutes later my 14 year old son and I were involved in a head on collision when an oncoming car drifted hard into our lane of travel and smashed into our truck. My wife and three other children (17, 10, and 8, plus the family dog) were in our mini van behind the truck and saw everything. My son and I walked away from the wreck. I started first aid on the driver of the car that hit us, relaying his injuries to 911 through bystanders and my wife who were calling everything in.

Uhaul throughout the process has been helpful beyond measure. They put us into a motel in town, coordinated a moving crew to help transfer the load to a new truck, and extended our contract with no questions asked. Yes, we had belongings damaged and destroyed. But those are replaceable. Lives are not.

The state troopers, sheriff officers, firefighters and EMTs that responded were nothing but professional to my family and me. One sheriff's deputy, responding to my concern for my 10 year old son is on the autistic spectrum and was seriously looping, took it upon himself to especially look after him. Sir, I am grateful beyond words.

The other driver was airlifted to the hospital were as of the day of the crash he was in ICU. I will detail his injuries later. We do not know of his condition now.

I will write more about this incident when we finally get settled into our new home, which we finally will leave for again today. Your continued prayers for our safety and healing will get us through all of this.


  1. So thankful you all are safe. Prayers for healing and settling into your new home.

  2. Sir, I certainly hope that the rest of your move, is LESS of an adventure! Best wishes on your relocation.