Monday, February 20, 2017

A Silver Lining To The Forever War Of Our Time.

One apparent silver lining to our current constant state of war is the reemergence of a warrior/manly culture. I think the rise in the popularity of everything Norse is a reflection of this. The Norse appreciated a smart, intelligent, masculine warrior. Most cultures in their rise were the same way with their respective warrior classes.

I also think tied into this is the spiritual aspect of it as well. Many men are tired of the namby pamby SJW feel good religious practices that seem to flood our land. They want a manly faith. Something rooted in tradition, that affirms masculinity.  Again, I think this also explains to an extent the growth in popularity of certain Old World traditions.

But, there is also a reemergence of what used to be called "The Church Militant." Think of the  European religious warrior-order traditions of old. They understood fighting for faith, family, and posterity. They were not afraid to defend it. Too much of their history has gotten mixed up with misinterpretations of the Crusades, conspiracy theories, and the like.

Too many church goers today forget on just what Jehovah demanded of the Israelites when they conquered the Promised Land. It was total annihilation. The complete obliteration of cities, towns, and tribes. Right down to their possessions. Men, women, children. Both young and old. Too many folks today in most churches have too much trouble with just the idea of a life of piety.

Check the landscape right now. Who has the folks that more likely to commit to their cause? Look to your own local area.


  1. Good article. Racking my brain to think what SJW means in your second paragraph.

  2. Social Justice Warrior. Also known as the snowflakes of our time.

    Thanks for stopping by.