Monday, March 31, 2014


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The author echoes some of my concerns about SBRs. I am not against them, but I am a rather tall lanky fellow with long arms. I like my space. I like the open mind of the author as well:

Everyone’s mileage may vary of course, but I wanted to throw this out there as it does seem to run a bit contrary to what is popular.  I get asked all the time about whether it bothers me to run a full length carbine, so clearly it merits some discussion.  What barrel length carbine do you run, and how does it work out for you?

Personally I run a middy 16" barrel. I really like that setup.


  1. I advocate the running of a full length 20'' barrel (collapsible stock, of course) because of the 'general purpose' application that lets the shooter have the confidence of both close and distant hits reliably. Maybe not everyone's choice, but it works for me, as well as for those who have tried it out. Some of our folks go for the shortest possible carbine and that works, too.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I should enlighten more that I run a lightweight 16" midlength carbine with a FSB and MBUS rear sight. Currently I run one of the Primary Arms MD-06 red dots on it, although, I may swap it for something with a little magnification. I tend to run Magpul furniture on both of my rifles.

      My other rifle is more towards a DMR concept. It is 20" barrel with a free float handguard. Collapsible stock, and for glass I am running the 6x Primary Arms Scope. I have only put a few rounds through it so far, but I do like its potential.