Saturday, March 8, 2014

WWJD? A short Lenten meditation.


We are now in the season of Lent. While we must definitely use this time to evaluate our lives and our relationships with others and our Creator (however you choose or not choose to view Him), never forget that Jesus bar Joseph was not opposed to the proper use of force and violence. So many people get caught up in the "pacifism" of Christ. You have heard it before, if some one strikes you on one cheek, turn so that they can strike the other. Yet, Jesus was doing the striking in the scene depicted above when he chased the money lenders and merchants from the Temple. It is funny how few pastors talk about this incident. It is so counter to the popular portrayal of the Christ. 

But think on this, Jesus was fully human and fully divine. He knew hunger, thirst, pain, happiness, sorrow, loss, joy, and love. During college I had a Religious Studies professor that would bring a picture of Jesus laughing into his classes that dealt with the life of Jesus. It was a daily reminder of the humanity of Jesus.

So as to the use of force, both on the individual level of self defense and on a nation to nation level, I think that Jesus would fully identify with this:

and this:

as legitimate uses of violence, force and power in the face of evil. 

Evil has and will continue to exist in this world

What would Jesus do today to stop the evil in the world?

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