Thursday, January 3, 2019

We Are Live...Five Years On.

Five years ago I posted this:

We Are Live...

It has been an interesting ride since then. I started this blog after an Army buddy suggested that I try it. We used to sit and have long discussions about history, politics, the Army, guns, growing up in different parts of the country, and life in general.

Since then I have posted over 300 posts and had over 57,000 views. We have loved and lost, moved across two states, and ended a way of life to try to start all over again. The world has changed too, yet remained much the same.
I know that I have harped endlessly about the French Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, and other periods of unpleasantness as specific examples of where I saw our own country and population headed. I felt that previous years were the years the sparks of internal strife would ignite a larger conflagration within our borders. I still feel that way, but with like all Cassandra's, sometimes the message is lost within the attempt scrying the future.

I have shared stories of hope, faith, courage, and some stories of my own devising. I will do more in the future.

Some interesting tidbits:

My single most read article is Battle Belt Evolution. This is partly due to a great many readers coming from a different website where the article was linked.

I know that lately I have not posted as much as in prior years. Yet, there is more to say. More concepts to develop, more history to uncover, and more news to digest and shake our heads at.

Thank you for your continued readership. I appreciate more than you can know.

Here is to the new year. Set definable goals and intentions. Write them down, plan for them, and then go achieve them.

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