Monday, September 8, 2014

Battle Belt Evolution (Edited on 9 September to include more pictures)

Almost a year ago I was intrigued by a post on Max Velocity's excellent blog. He detailed his start on the concept of a battle belt. I had long been contemplated something similar. Then with the purchase of one item, the Condor Padded Belt, I put together the following.

I used a SPEC OPs belt as the inner belt, a multi-cam Condor 2 magazine pouch which has been cut down, a Gerber multi-tool, a Condor Rifle Bag pouch being used as a first aid and survival pouch, and SOG SEAL Pup knife completed the belt. I have had that particular knife for nearly seventeen years. I carried it as a armed security guard and it went with me and was carried on a daily basis while I was in Iraq.

Things that I really liked about this set up was the fact that was light and could easily fit under a light jacket with minimal printing.

As time went on, I followed more of MV's posts on the gear evolution that he was going through. I was also scouring the internet and seeing what other people were doing. So late last month I finished version 2.0 of my personal battle belt.

Obviously there are changes to the set up. With changes come trade offs. It is no longer as light as the original version. I took a cue from several people and used netting and Krylon to change some of the oneness of color. Below is what is carried in the belt.

Starting from the viewers left: 4 PMAGs in two stacked Condor Gear mag pouches. Next to that is my medical pouch with an IFAK inside and extra dressings. The middle pouch is my survival and sustainment pouch. I have a length of 550 cord, two chem lights, my Gerber multi-tool, a whistle, a 5x monocular, a compass, and a baggie with a two space blankets, firemaking equipment and rubber bands. Next is the SOG SEAL Pup, then a pouch for my 1 qt canteen. I need to dig out my canteen cup for that as well. Then finally is two GI magazines duplexed in their own pouch. I like the idea of having 60 rounds on the gun. I have run some tests doing fast reloads with the duplex system and liked how fast I could get the gun back into battery and firing.

I have left room for a pistol holster and mag pouches for reloads for a pistol whenever I am able to purchase one. The evolution continues. I have put the belt on and found that it is still quite comfortable even with the weight more than doubled. I need more testing on the range.

I have planned more gear articles for some of the other gear that I have and have set up for my use.


I was able to have some pictures taken showing how the battle belt is worn:

The British Combat shirt project is here, and the boonie hat is the brilliant Slangvel Recce Boonie in Kryptek Highlander pattern. 

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