Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Wonder What The Results Would Be, Part Duex

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Being on leave for the first time in nine months, I thought would be fun to follow up on some of the questions and ideas that I have been having the last several months. One of them was Rit dying the excellent British Desert DPM Combat Shirt.

Here is how it looks before I dyed it:

I was wearing a pair of old BDU pants for color contrast. So following the instructions I used the bucket or sink method of dying. I took a bucket and filled it with hot water and required amount of salt to assist the dying process. Then for the next thirty minutes I stirred the shirt in the tan dye/water mix. After that I rinsed it in the sink until all the water ran clear. Right away I knew that the results were not what I was intending, which was the entire shirt to be a solid tan color. However, I was determined to see the project through. After hand washing the shirt, I hung it outside to dry. After it was dry, I photographed the results.

In these two photos I chose to wear a pair of khaki shorts that had the same original lighter color in the shirt. As you can notice the lighter color was darkened down. The whole shirt toned down in fact. The interesting thing to me is that the Union Jack did not take any of the color at all. Actually, I began to like the results the more that I looked at it.

I still wonder what the results would be if I were to dye one of these shirts gray or light green. Future projects I guess.

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