Monday, December 19, 2016

The Archduke Ferdinand Moment Of Our Time? Updated at 1:34pm local.

What a Monday!

First This: Bad Omen: Blood of St. Januarius Fails to Liquify. When this has occurred in the past, it was before such things as wars, natural disasters, and epidemics. which leads to this...

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Assassinated. The shooter has been identified as a Turkish police officer, who on video claimed his actions as revenge for Aleppo. Look at who supports who in the region and then look at the treaties that regulate those relationships too.

Then add the Electoral College doing their Constitutionally mandated job today and all that duty entails.

Now there is an apparent attack at a Christmas Market in Berlin.

As a close friend of mine literally just told me, keep your sidearm close, at all times.

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