Friday, December 30, 2016

Big Changes In The New Year (On A Personal Level).

Of course on the national level with the Trump taking office.

But, also, on a personal level. As many of you know, I was medically separated from active duty service back in October. We have been offered an opportunity to move to Arizona and live rent free for up to two years. No job offer yet, however, that area of Arizona seems to have a great deal more job opportunities than where we are currently here in Texas.

But the changes continue from there, our oldest son has decided to stay here while we move. We have already worked out his living situation and he has successfully completed primary job training with

 a local government contractor here. He took to the training like a duck in the water. My wife and I are especially proud of him for completing the training.

I have applied for several different government (civil service) jobs in the area that we are moving too with the hope and plan to leverage my previous experience and training in the military. Unfortunately, all but two have had doors completely shut. Even one that I thought was a shoo-in due to the specific training that I have had and the way that I tailored my resume to the job was shut to me due to "a lack of specific experience." I knew that transitioning from the military back to civilian life was going to be difficult, but there are days...

One of the things that I have thought a lot about too is the idea of pursuing different career fields. The town that we will reside in is home of over half dozen different manufacturers of firearms and firearm accessories. That is possible job area that I have considered to pursue. Hopefully, with a more receptive administration, the gun manufacturing sector will see a bounce.

I have also considered going back to school. Academics is something that I do very well, but I think that I would have zero patience and tolerance for all of the snowflakes that would fill the classrooms. Not very good for the blood pressure, or the digestion.

I have yet to write a good review on some of the fantastic firearm related items that I got for Christmas. Rest assured those are coming. There will hopefully other things to write about as well. One of the blogs in the blogroll is Sinistral Rifleman. Where he does a lot of his competing in 2 gun competition is very close to where we will be living. One of my goals will be try my hand at some of the 2 gun shooting, have some fun with it, and learn from it.

Posting will be light between now and our move, which will be sometime in the last two weeks of January. Lots to pack.

Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers. Transitions are hard enough. Transition, moving, and leaving behind family and friends is proving even harder.


  1. I know something of what you are going through; I moved from Nebraska after retiring from AD to the Pacific NW with no job. I have a feeling you'll do fine, though, much better than I did for the first couple years. Eventually ended up getting a job with a tech manufacturer in their security division and ended up running their training section due to military training credentials. I have a feeling you'll be doing very well very quickly.

    Happy New Year to you and yours; safe travels!

    1. DTG,

      Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. It is a marathon, not a sprint. I need to remind myself of that.

      Happy New Year to you as well!