Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What To Do Now?

I am reminded of the story of Esther, and the concept of “born for such a time as this.” I am also reminded of the story of Joseph and of him being betrayed twice, and of his time in prison. We have had the luxury of reading their stories and knowing the endings of those stories. Both Esther and Joseph did not know the ultimate end of their stories. For all they knew, they were going to die. Yet, they did what they knew was right.

We have Hamans all around us today crying for our blood. We may also feel like Joseph, forgotten, rotting in his prison. There is light ahead; not necessarily an on rushing train. I am not a “health and wealth” kind of guy. I would not be here if I was. I am also stoic enough to realize that I, like Moses, may only glimpse, but not live in the promised land.

Where does that leave us? Much like the forefathers of our faith, we begin by working to help serve our families and our neighbors, praying to God for His Mercy and Protection, and accepting the hardships and heartaches that accompany life.

There will be moments to celebrate with joy. I suspect we will come to treasure those few moments.

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