Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Life Happens And The Things I Am Currently Pondering.

I have four to five articles in the works. Some are shorter than others, but life, both work and family obligations have kept me from being able to work more on them. Here are some of the things I am currently pondering.

Amerika: I am about 3/4 of the way thru the miniseries Amerika. I understand now why it was never broadcast again. Honestly, it is stunning. Frankly, I am surprised it is available. I will explain more in a later post. If you have not watched this program, you can still find it on youtube, for now.

Catholic Intentional Communities: How will the light of knowledge survive the coming Dark Ages? We must simply look back in history to how it was done the last time.

Revolution: What does it mean? What are it's dangers?

Nine months left people. Use the time wisely. I have been taking my oldest two boys to the gym. We need to start rucking soon.

Steel your nerves and harden your hearts.


  1. Best of luck to you on your upcoming retirement .... there is life on "the other side" ... ;-)

    Re: "Catholic Intentional Communities: How will the light of knowledge survive the coming Dark Ages? We must simply look back in history to how it was done the last time."

    This is one of the reasons we went the homeschool co-op route, as there were no strong parochial schools in our area. Our parish priest was an amazing go-getter and really was the engine to get it all going. Your phrase hit home, as that is what we would tell our youngsters: the light of civilization must reside within all of you. You must keep the flame alive! I had the fortune of meeting probably one of the most highly educated and erudite men in the modern era. As a young man who survived WWII hidden by a family in Holland, he was a voracious reader and would always exhort that "they" (the state) can take everything you may own, except for your spirit and your accumulated wisdom/knowledge. In my teens, I dated a young man whose father was a Hungarian partisan in the anti-communist resistance, who would tell us the same thing and was always pushing us to learn more, be more, do more. We decided that returning to fundamentals was key: the core texts of a classical education, including study of Western civilization (literature, art, history, philosopy etc) and languages - Latin starting in 6th grade, with the addition of Koinic Greek in 7th and 8th and Attic Greek in 9th. Our priest "sold" Latin and Greek to the youngun's by telling them it was an ancient secret code, and had instant sign-ups ;-)
    Good luck to you with this adventure - well worth it!! Our youth are our future - indeed.

    Thanks for the headsup on "Amerika" - we will definitely try and catch it on YouTube this weekend!


  2. Thanks for the kind thoughts and the sharing of your experiences. Indeed, I have found a new appreciation for the partisans and resisters of statist regimes. I agree that small to medium co-ops are going to see a resurgence in the near future.

    Informed individualists do realize that community is important and vital, as long as individual liberty is paramount. Statists would sacrifice liberty to secure the community. That is where I think they are wrong.