Sunday, April 10, 2016

Two Very Interesting Articles From A Blog That The Left ABSOLUTELY HATES.

The men's blog Return of Kings is probably best described as a Neo-Masculine blog. Yes, there are articles on how to "score with women." And very recently there was a feminist blowout on a series of posts that suggested that readers of the blog meet in various cities around the world to have a beer and get to have "masculine" discussions. That is a discussion for another time.

However, there are also very thought provoking articles on the current political situation, religious thought, and history as it applies to today. I am going to share two of those articles.

Article 1: Why We Should Expect The Rise Of A Caesar This Century. The author basically makes the argument that the world today, and especially the Western world, is ripe for a Caesar figure to make right the wrongs in the world. Some would argue that Putin fits the bill, but, the author uses a lot of Spengler in his arguments that democracy is its own worst enemy and will blaze the path to dictatorship. Agree or disagree with the author, his argument is an interesting and thought provoking read.

Article 2: Three Things You Must Do If Donald Trump Is Assassinated  While I am not a Trump supporter, I can certainly identify with his core supporter demographic. That being said, that particular demographic, once unleashed, has destroyed nations. With our current political atmosphere being particularly volatile, not unlike 1968, if something like what is posited happens, what would the reaction be? This country is a gasoline soaked tinderbox in a hot, dry wind. The article could have been entitled, "Guns, Preps, and Tribe."

Again, I have always argued big boy rules for this blog. I do not agree with a large chunk of the articles on Return of Kings, but I know good information and discussion when I see it. Right now, I will take all I can get.

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