Monday, May 30, 2016

A Failure Of Civility Update From A Reader. Link to Where You Can Purchase The Book Brand New.

For my original post and review of the book A Failure Of Civility.

I received word from a reader that Mike Garand was now selling the book on ebay.

The exact Ebay link is here. Again, I highly recommend this book. My oldest boy, who has difficulty finding reading material that suits him, has read through this book several times. Each time he reads it he cames back to me with something new that he had not noticed before. He really likes the true accounts and the vignettes that are used to illustrate different points and ideas. With this political season showing to get very sporting, Mike Garand's suggestions seem more relevant than ever.

For that matter, Matt Bracken's writings seem more predictive than ever too: When The Music Stops
stands out as probably what we will see this summer, especially in many of the urban centers.

Time is flying.

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