Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Random Thoughts From NTC

- Unleash the creative potential of American Soldiers and they can achieve the impossible. Hamstring them with stupid rules, thoughtless crap, and trying to cram seven days of work into three with no incentive kills morale and motivation.

- Why are "American Interests" in the most inhospitable 3rd world cesspools?

- Politicians, policy, and some senior leaders are absolutely failing the average Soldier. The force is not breaking. I would argue that it is broken. Yet, it soldiers on.

- Just because the daily list of jobs is done, DO NOT make new tasks up just because "the CSM/CDR does not want Soldiers just lying around." They are in so many meetings a day, they are out of touch with what is really being achieved. They are going to focus on what has not been achieved anyway.

- The desert starts to get hot this time of year. I am just glad I am not training here in August. It feels like you are two feet from Hell.

- Every place changes. There have been changes since I left NTC back in July of 2010. Yet, some things do not change. There are still civilians working here that I worked with that will probably never leave. 

- We are not properly training soldiers. Yet, they say "we are ready to go!" I know Soldiers who have spent more time in the last year in classes about sexual harassment than training to actually do the jobs they signed up for.

- Pray and assist the families of military folks. They have the real hard jobs of the military.

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