Monday, December 29, 2014

The Gates Of Vienna And The Christmas Junta In Sweden

It has been sad to watch many of the formerly great countries in Europe slide rather rapidly down that greased chute to the very hot place. It can be argued that they have done it to themselves. Valid argument. However, what often happens is that the part of the population that could have stopped the change is often too busy making the country work for everyone else.

We are seeing the same thing here. More thoughts below.

A longer quote from the article:

The December Agreement
by Alfred Fredriksson
Yesterday the Swedish establishment presented their solution for assuring that the Sweden Democrats do not achieve political influence, and that the extra (“snap”) elections scheduled for March 22nd will not occur.
First some background information: Sweden has eight parties in parliament, divided up into three political blocs:
Red-Greens (Socialists, communists, and greens)
  The Social Democrats
  The Left Party
  The Green Party
The Alliance (Liberal)
  The Moderates
  The Center Party
  The People’s Party
The Christian Democrats
All of the above parties together form the seven-clover (sjuklövern), a term for the entire political establishment which has mass third world immigration and the destruction of Swedish civilization and culture as its primary aims.
The third block is what I like to call the Patriotic bloc and consists of the Sweden Democrats, whom the entire political establishment calls racists and fascists, and miss no chance to spit on, and by no means want to discuss anything with.
For the last eight years Sweden has been ruled by the Alliance, first a majority government between 2006 and 2010 and then in minority when the Sweden Democrats entered parliament as kingmakers between 2010 and 2014. During this time Sweden has increased its immigration by more than 200%, giving it the largest immigration in Europe in absolute numbers. This means even though Sweden has a population of nine million, we take in more immigrants than Germany. This is the central issue in Swedish politics, and no one is allowed to have a deviant opinion on or question mass immigration. Even wanting not to increase immigration will brand one a “racist”.
The problems immigration causes have become more and more obvious in the last four years, when it has increased in tandem with regular riots, widespread segregation, skyrocketing rape, robbery, murder and organized crime. Another consequence of open borders has been the enormous influx of gypsies from Romania and Bulgaria who sit on every street corner in every Swedish city and beg, and build makeshift cities which destroy wildlife and the local society. I will return to the gypsy situation in a later post.
There is an endgame coming. The last few days have beenvery very interesting in the blogosphere concerning many of the possible outcomes being seen on the horizon. 2014 has been an interesting year. 2015 appears to be more of the same. B3 (Beans, Bullets, and Bandaids) everyone. 

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