Sunday, December 7, 2014

Remembering Pearl Harbor, And The Alamo, And The Maine, And The Lusitania, And, And, And...

Today is the 73rd Anniversary of the attack on the US Navy Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Over 2,000 Americans lost their lives that morning. It shook this nation to the core, awakening a slumbering giant to the drumbeat of war. What has been termed "the Greatest Generation" then changed the world, attacking and defeating fascism on two fronts.

Unfortunately in American history, there is a trend of this kind of event in order to shake the average American out of their stupor in order to for them to see what is going on in the world around them.

They will often say "Never Again!"

But then it does happen again. And again. And again.

Unfortunately, the contemporary media outlets at the time were pushing their agendas as well. Or the elected leaders of this country were aware of certain movements or plans by the other countries and were waiting for the right moment or "crisis" to bring their own plans into fruition.

So I list some of the other famous "Remember the..." moments from American History.

Remember the Alamo!

Remember Fort Sumter!

Remember the Maine!

Remember the Lusitania!

Remember Pearl Harbor!

Remember Ground Zero!

Remembering tragic events is important. They bring perspective. But always remember the contexts that brought those events to pass. These events did not just happen in a vacuum. There were always warning signs that they were were coming down the road. Exact dates or locations may not have always been obvious or known, but the signs were there.

What are some of the signs we see today?

What are some of the plans waiting in the wings?

What are the agendas of the media?

We must never forget or let our complacency return.

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