Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Happy 25th Anniversary to Mrs. Arminius!

I wanted to share something positive with you all today. Today my wife and I celebrate 25 years of being married. We met on our very first day of college, but we did not start dating until the following spring. We started our marriage with hopes and dreams. Although we wanted children, it was several years before we brought into this world our oldest son. He is now out on his own, making his own unique mark on the world. Four more children would follow, a daughter and three more sons who are still at home.

Marriage is never 50-50. It works best when both partners are in it 100%. However, there were moments when it was nearly all her, or nearly all me. Hopes and dreams can change or become shelved for one reason or another. Marriage is the hardest, yet most rewarding work I have endeavored to accomplish. Unlike a career, there is no end point. As long as I have breath, I will be married to this woman who chose to spend her life with me. We have had peaks and valleys. We have known joy and loss. We spent way too many days and nights apart during my 14 years in the Army. She learned not to fear every door bell ring and phone call when I was deployed. We relished in the rediscovery of each other upon my returns.
Men, check your egos with your wife. She has seen you at your very best and at your very worst. Yet, she still chooses you. Even when she is not sure she made the right decision. Love your wife. Cherish her. Get those butterflies back in your gut when you look at her. The same butterflies you had when you dated her, or wanted to date her

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