Saturday, September 30, 2017

Coming Up To Periscope Depth.


Life has been more than a little crazy recently. The job is going well enough, just the schedule leaves little time to blog, much less spend time with the family. The hard part was the end of August/the first of September when we were informed by the family member who owned the house we were in that he had decided to sell it. We had little time to find a new place to live and virtually zero funds to make the move. Fortunately, generous gifts from family, friends, and even strangers helped make the unplanned move possible.

My computer is still down. My forced digital detox has had some positives and negatives.

The world continues to turn. There are many stories of note that I have spent hours digesting and thinking about. Maybe that is what we need. More thinking and less talking. Most folks rush to spout their first reactions without critical thought about the rapid fire news stories that continue to occur.

One story that I would like to mention that you may have seen on the blog roll: Noted author and thinker Jerry Pournelle passed away suddenly recently. His blog Chaos Manor was a favorite of mine. His reasoned, often humorous approach to current trends, news, and philosophies was always thought provoking and refreshing. His family is still determining what to do with his blog.

I miss being able to blog on a more regular basis. But that is the reality of this season of my life. It has been a season of growing and stretching. Thank you for sticking with the blog.

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