Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Readings That Have Caught My Eye. A Few Random Thoughts.

The first three links are to a blog that I was just made aware of. Take your time with it.
The next link linked into one of the above links.

The next link has been floating around the blogosphere for a few days.

John Robb always has very interesting topics to consider.
Read this one with the above Captain's Journal post in mind.
Rejection, while never easy, is something I am learning to embrace. It has been happening a lot lately.
I just watched Generation Kill for the first time. I wasn't in OIF-I, but I was in OIF-II. While not a Marine, the series rang true for the most part to me. I am glad that the problems in leadership, especially at certain levels, is a military wide issue. I saw analogs of peers, leaders, and guys under me during the show.
I still have not got to go shooting since we moved. This Is A Source Of Major Frustration.

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