Friday, June 9, 2017

Now For Something Different. Some Favorite Movies Of Mine You Can Watch In Full On Youtube. Major General Tremorden Reddering.

I was thinking about these movies recently and I thought I would share them.

Waterloo (1970)
What a cast. Not completely accurate. Beautifully shot.

Zulu (1964)
During my American Civil War reenacting days, this was the movie we would stick
in to watch and listen to while rolling cartridges. You have not lived until you have several thousand reenactors singing the songs back and forth to each other during a mock battle.

The Wild Geese (1978)
With Roger Moore's recent passing, I thought this would be a nice trip down memory lane.

I stumbled across a binder that I started putting together 20 years ago in which I created a fictional 8th continent in the Indian ocean. Called Khauzuarabstian, it had elements of Africa, Arabia, and India all on "that geographic wonder." I was inspired by a group of tabletop wargamers that used the game system The Sword and the Flame. While their group's web page died years ago, the site is available thru the wayback machine. 

The Major General Himself

Their tables and battle reports are colorful and fun. Not totally historically accurate. But fun.
Below are some pictures from some of their battle reports. The group had great ideas for landscape, buildings, terrain, and other things. 

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