Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Reverse Mozambique Drill?

I have shared his writings before. Gabe Suarez is talking more about a reality that does exist today, the idea that more training needs to be done for head and neck shots. While we no longer live in the same world that Jeff Cooper and other great "hoplo-philosophers" (whose wisdom is still valid) of days past, the ability to adapt to the new threat today is key to our survival in the battlespace.

The Face Is The New Target. Read it. Absorb it. Consider his examples. Think about the examples he did not include. Consider your own area and the possible threats that exist and how those threats can and will change. I know that the mid size (~150,000-175,000) town that my wife and I used to live near has vastly changed crime wise in just the last 15 years or so, to the point of even having crime stories picked up by international press.

Threats change, morph, appear and fade away. Then they return.

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