Monday, May 22, 2017

Neo-Jacobins. That Is Your New Term For The Day.

Jesse James over at The Virginia Freeman's Society has hit it out of the park with his post "The Price of Delegitimization." He wrote it as a response to the American Vendee article by Zman. As one other person put it when I shared this with them, they said this article was bullseye accurate. The Democratic (and many of the establishment Republicans as well) are the present day Jacobins.

What and who were the Jacobins?

The Jacobins were at the forefront of the political clubs in France during the run up to the French Revolution. They were considered the most ruthless and radical of the clubs. Robespierre is probably the best known Jacobin. During the Reign of Terror, they were known to turn on their own.

I have tread this ground before. I will continue to do so.

So why Neo-Jacobins? It fits the description of what the elites are like today. Perfectly. Brilliantly.
Their alleged public motives are to help others.

"It's for the children."

"They are humans, not illegals."

Ad nausem.

They love humanity so much, they will remove you and yours to make it better. Think on that. We have heard that before.

Below I am adding links to what I think are some of the better videos out there explaining the Vendee Genocide and the Reign of Terror.

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