Saturday, April 22, 2017

Quick Update. What I Am Reading Currently.

I hope everyone had a good Easter. We had family come in and it was nice to have that time together.

Time seems to pass by quickly more and more.

There are apologizes in order for not posting more in recent days. I have had issues with inspiration on topics or the lack thereof.
Then there is the daily grind of hunting for work. This week I finally broke down and sought out a Veteran Service Organization for a fresh set of eyes and ideas on the situation. This out of work situation (and the resulting lack of other things like medical coverage) is for the birds. You can plan for it all you can, and still get bit in the seat of the pants by the reality of it all. It creates A LOT of stress on relationships and family dynamics. People give encouragement, but the way it seems to me is instead of the train in the tunnel analogy, it is more like taking a ride on a roller coaster blindfolded, except you don't know when the ride will end, or when the twists and turns will occur.

It has been suggested that a "survivor" job be gotten hold of. I am looking for and have applied for those as well. It is hard to keep your head up.


I have been reading more of Brad Thor's books to get caught up on his writings. Hidden Order was excellent. I have always put his books in the same category as Clive Cussler. A little education with your entertainment. I also enjoyed Harry Turtledove "Fallout." I read many of his works in college. I had forgot how much I enjoyed his take on alternative history.

From the blogroll of note:

Sultan Knish: The Rationing Society.

Gates of Vienna: Welcoming the Caliphate to Brazil.

Catholic in the Ozarks: The Benedict Option for Catholics

Damian Michael: The 16 Points of Alt-Christianity. (Just added him to the blogroll. Fascinating writer.)


I wrote back in 2014 that we were in for a long, hot summer. With everything happening both here at home and abroad, I can give the same forecast for this summer. I always believed that we were only given a reprieve after the last election. However, I will admit, my forecasted timeline got compressed by events currently occurring.

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