Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Additions to the Blog Roll.

Regular readers may have noticed a few more additions to the blog roll.

Men of the West

Damian Michael (You need to especially read his 16 points of Alt-Christianity.)

Restricted Data - Relates to what I did while on active duty.

TAMOCK Agrarian Order (Used to be The Iron Legion) I am have some difficulty getting my link to work correctly in the blog roll.


Jerry Pournelle's Chaos Manor.


I have lurked for several years at Chaos Manor. Pournelle is best known for his copious science fiction novels. Chaos Manor is full of great, rational discussion on topics of the day or week. I appreciate his perspective on science and how it has become a religion today. His latest lament:
"You can no longer be in favor of science; those causes have been politicized, supporting them is evil. I make no doubt that there are still dedicated true scientists remaining in the universities, but they keep a low profile now; the noise is all made by those who claim to speak in the name of science, just as many other academic organizations are dominated by political agents who claim to advocate scholarship, but seem to favor much that has no scholarly purpose at all. I wish that were no longer true; but academia has become a political fighting ground, and true science is neglected or even despised." 

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