Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Modern Hazards Of Job Searching.

Many long time readers know that I was medically separated from active duty service last October. My family and I moved from one part of the desert southwest to another part of the desert southwest in January (story here). Hunting for work is a full time job, not made any easier by the federal hiring freeze (which I do support by the way). One has to get used to a lot of rejection, which is not easy.

Yesterday late afternoon I get notified if I was interested in an online interview based off of my resume that I had uploaded to a state run job website. I replied sure and began to set up for the interview. The interview was for a company based in Australia, but with offices here in the US. The red flag went up a little. There were no offices listed for the area that I am in, but I am aware that business sometimes move quickly in establishing new offices in areas. I get linked into the online interview location and establish contact with the "interviewer." The red flag goes up even more. No video, just chat, and the interviewer's email was a common email provider ending, not a company specific ending.

The red flag went up even more.

Then it was the job description: It was missing numbers and letters, with very odd syntax. And the interviewer needed an answer "right now." 

RED FLAGS all went up at the same time. I quickly shut down the chat room and sign off from the account. I am watching my accounts very carefully. 

Bloodsuckers are everywhere. It is a shame that they target folks trying to get work. I have no doubt that these folks were ghosts in the wind within minutes of me shutting the link down. At the same time it was a good lesson to be learned. I now know how I will respond (or not respond) to future "inquiries."

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