Thursday, November 10, 2016

Reciprocity. Edited.

Most folks think of such things as "concealed carry reciprocity." This means, in a nutshell, if I have a CCW in state X, states A-G, H-T will recognize it. State F and U don't for whatever reason.

However, I am speaking about something else. Decades ago (really?) Tom Clancy in his work "Clear
and Present Danger" has in it Operation Reciprocity, in which the sitting president orders military action taken directly to the cartels.

While the right and wrongs of such an operation can be debated, I have always held onto "that" definition of Reciprocity. In other words, you get what you give, in all things.

You give good out, you get good back. You give out crap, don't be crying when you get your own crap kicked out of you. Back in 2008 and 2012 when Obama was elected and reelected, those of us who did not vote for him were told to sit down and shut up. We were the losers. We had lost. Do what is right for America.

We have waited eight very long years.

Now, not even 12 hours after the capitulation of Clinton, the Loser Left conveniently forgets their own advice to "exercise their own dissent." They are not sitting down. They are not shutting up. They are arguing that Trump is a danger to the country. They are trying to save us from Trump. They do not want to let go.

Remember the anger that I wrote about here? You might think the results of the election would have tempered my anger and thoughts. The coals were banked ever so briefly, until I started reading about the protests and the flag burnings.

We have entered an even more dangerous time. Pray for the safety of the President Elect and of his family. Pray for the country. I did the same in 2008, as much as it pained me to do so. I understand the danger of the emotionally charged groups. Volumes have been written on the very real hypocrisy of the Left when it comes to death threats, free speech, and the like.

So I go back to Reciprocity. There is a saying: "Karma is a B*itch." We in the conservative/alt-right/individual liberty need to out smart the Alinksy radicals. Reciprocity.

(I am not going to debate the whole true history of Ness here. However, I think this clip is quite apropo to the discussion.)

There is already video of Trump supporters being assaulted in Chicago and other places. Avoid protest areas. Keep situational awareness. Always acquire intel on people, places, and situations. Keep Reciprocity in your thoughts.

Consider your relationships. What are the good ones. What are the bad ones. Reciprocity.

Reciprocity. Learn it. Practice it.

EDITED: There are now calls from the Progressive Left for the Electoral College to become "faithless electors" and elect Hillary. Steel your minds and your hearts. They are wanting to play for keeps.

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