Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Life Imitating Art? Or The Other Way Around? Some Quick Book Recommendations.

In light of current events, I wanted to suggest the following reading material. Yes, I have recommended many of these books in the past, but I will beat the drum about them yet again.

The Road to Damascus. No this is not about the Apostle Paul. It is a thinly veiled, military sci-fi treatise on the evils of communism cloaked in liberalism.

The Last Centurion: Another John Ringo classic. This one hits very close to home.

A State of Disobedience: I first read this back in 2004 while deployed to Iraq. It was spooky then. It is downright frightening now.

Caliphate: Another Tom Kratman novel. If you want to understand what the endgame of the "refugee" invasion of Europe means, you need to read this novel. A word of caution: it deals with very troubling subject material. Again, this is the process by which you can begin to steel your hearts and minds. Note I did not say harden. There is a difference. This one can be found for free on Amazon for the kindle app.


  1. Get ASOD free from the Baen Free Library, since Amazon, completely in the tank for Hillary, refuses to give it out for free.

    1. Sir,
      Thanks for the advice. Duly noted. Thank you for stopping by.