Friday, October 7, 2016

Christmas Gear Recommendations

Christmas (Yule to some of you) is just around the corner. I have a feeling this Christmas season will be a memorable one for many reasons: not all of them good and peaceful. I have some Christmas Physical Gear/Mental Gear Recommendations for those so inclined in your life. You may need to shop early this year. I predict it will be a busy season.

All the gear is made in the USA.

Physical Gear:

Gadsden Dynamics: I first became aware of Gadsden Dynamics when John Mosby advised them on the development of their flagship product, the Mountain Guerrilla Underground Partisan Chest Rig. I am really interested in their War Belt. They have several new products soon to be released.

762 Tactical: I found out about 762 Tactical when I was shopping around for gear for the .308 AR that I had. I particularly like their Slick Plate Carrier. Check out their other products too.

Max Velocity: I have been following Max Velocity for several years now. Some of his blog discussions about tribe and Viking history are actually part of the inspiration for the name of this blog (along with John Mosby as well). When Max announced the VERSA rig, which is capable of switching the magazine capacity from 5.56mm to 7.62mm, I was really excited. They have not stopped there. They are developing newer gear even now.

Slangvel: Great custom hats. What more can be said. He does other custom items as well, but he is best known for his hats.

Mental Gear:

John Mosby: The Reluctant Partisan and Forging the Hero (nice excerpt here). Real world experience and historical thought boiled down. Not for special snowflakes. Mosby is a practitioner of the Patton Axiom.

Matt Bracken: Run, do not walk to his website. Chalk full of LONG excerpts from his books, links to where to buy them and great links to some of his essays and other writings. Matt has been an important influence on my writing and thought process.

A Failure of Civility: For the post SHTF situation, this is a one stop book for dealing with all sorts of problems. My oldest son loves this book. It has been hard to find from time to time. I did a short review which can be read here.

This is not an all inclusive list. There is a lot of gear and reading material out there. Send me your recommendations and I may include them to the list.

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