Sunday, August 28, 2016

Some Vietnam War History Documentary Recommendations Available On Amazon Prime

Over the past week I have been on a Vietnam War history kick on Amazon Prime and wanted to share some of the documentaries that I have found and enjoyed.

My Father's Vietnam: This is a story of discovery as the filmmaker explores his own father's Vietnam story and the friendships that he had with two other soldiers who did not come home.

Escape From Firebase Kate: This happened in 1969, when the 21 year old Special Forces Captain, William Albracht, lead his outnumbered and surrounded force from their hilltop firebase in a daring escape. He was the youngest company commander at the time in Vietnam. Very well done documentary.

The Man Left Behind: This is the story of COL (R) Paul Longrear, who fought at the Battle of Lang Vei in the opening hours of the Tet Offensive in 1968. His unit held the firebase of Lang Vei just barely two kilometers from the Laotian Border, not far from Khe Sanh. The film tell his story both during the battle and then forty years later during his visit back to Vietnam and Lang Vei. One of the interesting facts of this documentary is the narration is done by Terrence Knox, probably best known for his portrayal as Sergeant Zeke Anderson in the TV series Tour of Duty.

Amazon and Netflix are a treasure hunt about what they have to watch. You can be genuinely surprised at what you may find.

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