Friday, June 26, 2015

What Happened To My Country?

The SCOTUS really stepped in it this week. Everyone is focusing on the decisions. Nobody is really taking the time to understand the second, third, and fourth order of effects these decisions are going to have.

This has never truly been about rights. Follow the money. Always follow the money. This is really about, again, the fundamental transformation of this society and civilization. There is going to be persecution of not just Christians, but of ALL faiths that take issue with this week's decisions.

This country's faith populations have not had to really deal with the day to day struggle of practicing their faith. This week is going to change that. What will the histories written in another 100 or 500 years say about this week in this nation's history?

All civilizations fall. They fall for a myriad of reasons. What will be ours?

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