Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cohort One Five. A New Project.

What Is Cohort One Five?

Cohort One Five is the brainchild of a series of conversations between some
friends in the military. They all have experience, training, and ideas that they
want to share with each other and with whoever is interested. Here is some
idea of future content on this webpage:
  • Gear Reviews, Products We Like and Recommend.
  • Weapon Builds.
  • Discussion of Core Shooting Concepts: The Whole Shooter.
  • Simple Ideas. The KISS Method.
  • Budget Minded Ideas. We are not rich guys. The struggle is real.
  • Many Ideas Have Merit. We are all different. There is no “one way.”
This will take time. We are more interested in putting out quality material
rather than a high volume of material. We want the solid foundation built well.
 We believe in the concept of “one technique practiced one hundred times,
rather than one hundred moves practiced only once.”

We are not current/former SF types. We ARE current active duty servicemen
and LEO types.

We do have plans for the future. Stick around. We think you might be interested.

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