Saturday, November 8, 2014

Yet Again, Back From The Field. Hopefully, For The Last Time This Year. Some Quick Thoughts.

Back from another five days in the field. Lots to discuss.

The Election: I am reserving judgement. Actions before words. Do what you were elected to do. I do not want to be cynical, but until the Republicans start their counter revolution in the senate and the house, I will not be jumping up and down.

A Failure of Civility: The copy I ordered from Defensive Training Group arrived my first day in the field. I have already read into the first couple of chapters of the book. This is great stuff people. Watch carefully for when more copies become available.

Virgin Galactic Crash: The dream of space, like any other dream of exploration, comes with risk. We have become such a risk adverse society (especially the military), that I hope that the timeline for VG does not get pushed back indefinitely.

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