Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Little Change Of Pace. The Art of Edmund B. Leighton.

My wife and I have this print on the wall in our bedroom. It has been a constant reminder of the small gestures between loved ones upon times of parting, especially for those either in the military or the law enforcement professions. 

I have long enjoyed the art of Edmund B. Leighton. His realistic and colorful style allow us a window to peek into the small private moments of the subjects of his art. Leighton was an English painter of historical scenes, primarily of the medieval and Regency periods of English history. Many of his paintings formed a lot of the current clothing and armor images that most call to mind when thinking of those periods of history. While many of his works are highly romanticized, the real beauty for me are the expressions of faces in his paintings.

I have included several more examples below of more of Leighton's works that I particularly enjoy.

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  1. I also enjoy Leighton's works. You are right about the facial expressions. Of the works you selected my favorite is the man and woman kneeling in the chapel.