Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Thursday Mix It Bag of Stuff (Targets, Articles, Pictures and Video!)

So, I have been bookmarking pages that I see on my Iphone. Here is part of the collection of interesting items that I have found over the last several weeks:
A really neat and quick DIY target project that looks really professional.
An excellent AAR with some very good comments as well.
A very interesting read on a minimalist carbine set up and considerations. Again, so much of carbine setup is very personal, but the modular capability of the AR-15 makes it king of customization.

Speaking of AR-15s, here is a picture of my most recent build. The specs were based off of ideas from my oldest son.

Simple specs: 20" bbl free floated Rock River Arms upper, Del-Ton lower, JP reduced trigger spring kit, MOE+ grip, ACS-L stock, Primary Arms 6x scope. Not sure on the weight, but a big difference between this and my 16" Lightweight Middy build that I normally run. Very pleased so far.

By the way, here is my oldest son running through a quick drill with the aforementioned light weight "16 middy.

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