Saturday, June 7, 2014

Interesting Things of Note...

Below is some of the things that caught my attention over the last week or so (links follow)

A very cool 'hawk:


Also from bawidamann, a very cool morale patch:
Archangel Michael Morale patch

A lot of folks are talking about the Al Qaeda video showing a cell wiping out a rival insurgent camp in Yemen. Some really great discussion here.

Here is the video:

Of course I need to mention the 70th anniversary of D-Day. My grandfather landed on the beach there. He survived the landing only to be wounded later on during the bocage fighting in France. He convalesced in England and was sent into Germany as part of the Army of Occupation to hunt fleeing SS officers. An interesting side note is that he, my father, and then myself all were assigned to units that were stationed at Schweinfurt, Germany.

Then I found this:

While I and my wife have five kids and a tiny house would not be practicable for us, this is an inspiring story.

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