Monday, March 12, 2018

Why I Was Dark Lately.

Lately I took a short sabbatical from writing and posting here. Actually, except for checking a few blogs, a couple of news sites, and a few consumer sites of interest, I avoided my computer and phone altogether.


Frankly, I am tired of the Rage Porn, the Victim Porn, and the general Bullshit that is vomited out by very ignorant people, who tout themselves to be "informed, knowledgeable, and just seeking Common Sense solutions." They sprint to every camera, microphone, and social media outlet to show just how oblivious and short sighted they are. It is the blind leading the deaf and mute.

Our culture and society is being pushed and rushed towards tipping points without a single consideration for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th order of effects beyond the immediate gratification of their bad-breath distance goals. Social media giants like this one, Twitter, and Youtube are shutting down accounts that do not "align" with their views, which become more "nuanced" daily. This kind of corporate censorship, while technically legal, is very chilling to behold. All it does is divide people even more towards more extreme camps of thought, reinforcing and enlarging echo chambers of thought and speech. It also creates the environment where the dehumanization of ideological and political opponents is fostered, encouraged, and ultimately acted upon.

Think about it: Law abiding people, good people, decent people are being given labels that were reserved for the worst of humanity. And those foisting the labels are being cheered and lauded for doing so. Are these actions of people in control of their emotions? When will it become too much? And where have we seen this before?

If you were surprised by my language, consider WHY I used it.

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