Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Summer Of Rage.

You can never have enough on hand. Food. Water. Band-aids. Bullets. Guns. People.

WE THE PEOPLE have allowed ourselves to become Balkanized. WE THE PEOPLE have no one to blame but ourselves. Too many people rush to judgement and then rush to talk in front of cameras to spread their opinions around the world with little to no factual basis. We are beginning to see results of the investigations of the two police involved shooting that occurred earlier this week that then resulted in not just the Dallas Police shooting, but also racially motivated shootings in three other states. It is going to get worse.

Did you see the video of the BLM protesters in Atlanta? Or in Phoenix? Google it. There are two theories running in my thoughts right now:

1: These folks really do not know what kind of fire they are playing with. Their whole argument is based on emotion trumping facts. That is their modus operandi. They whip folks up into a frenzy about one or two incidents when they are being killed in great big bleeding batches due to policies put forth by the real terror in this country, the progressive Left. They march and riot, destroying homes, businesses, and jobs in their OWN communities. Everything is argued (screamed) in chants and shouting down dissenting voices. So much for free speech.

2: These folks really do know what they are trying to do. They have stated goals and they sense that they can reach them. They believe that they are on the right side of history (where have we heard this before). The national leaders that they look up have all but given them a free pass to continue to do what they are doing. Laws do not apply. It is all about their feelings.

This is all very simplistic I know. There are many people and events to blame all of this upon. But that is fixing the blame on someone else. Where is the idea of personal responsibility?

Here is where I have not been personally responsible enough: I have not stocked up like I would have liked to; my personal and family battery is not enough; I may have alternate sites to go to, but I have not always felt comfortable to talk with those people about combining our capabilities and resources; I have not completed a CCW class and carry on a daily basis; I do not have a handgun that I can carry on a daily basis, I have generally focused more on long guns due to more open ground that surrounds us outside of our neighborhood. Why? Because I got tired. Tired of many things. Tired of the every day life struggle. I can hear you say "Focus. Take care of your family. No one else will." Yep. All true.

Some of you will probably say that this summer we will see the beginnings of what we have been saying will happen for a long time. My uncle has been saying this for over 40 years that this was going to happen. I never disagreed with his opinion. As much as I tried to prepare and warn others about what is getting ready to happen, I personally never wanted to see it happen. I have my degree in History. Folks, while you are checking your own preps, rifles and magazines, you better be doing it on your knees while you are praying to God that He grants us more mercy and calms angry hearts and spirits. We are this close to a bloodbath in our own nation.

Pray for our LEOs. I know several that are honorable, good men. They see the corruption just as we do. They still feel called to their professions. Pray for their families. Those wives and children have a greater chance of saying their last goodbyes on a daily basis more than the majority of our military families.

Pray for our nation. We are more divided now than EVER before. Watch for the Republican and Democratic Conventions coming up. This is 1968 on steroids. I just a poll where 67% of democrats want a 3rd term of Obama. Are you aware of the deal that AG Lynch made?

Folks, time is short. This may just be the summer where it falls apart.

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