Sunday, November 8, 2015

Changes To Gear, Again. Battle Belt 2.1 And Universal Chest Rig Try

As a bit of a gear guy, I am constantly trying to figure out what will work better.

Above is my version 2.1 of my Battle Belt. If you compare it with this, you will see some changes. First I went with some of the HSGI Taco Pouches. These are great for the person who has different caliber types of ARs. In the picture above you can see the FDE 5.56 mag and the black 7.62 NATO mag. Both are in the same type of Taco Pouch. I love this universal capability.

Next I changed out the spec ops inner belt for a standard USGI pistol belt. I wanted to try something that would fasten quickly. Next, I removed all the other pouches and mounted a smaller, though thicker, medical pouch. I have a feeling that I will migrate back to the 2.0 version eventually, but I wanted to try something lighter.


A couple of posts ago I was talking about an universal chest rig idea. I decided to try something out using my old 5.11 MOLLE chest panel as the base.

I was able to pick up three similar MOLLE pouches from a local surplus store. They looked like that they would meet my requirement. All they needed was some krylon spray paint.

Here they are mounted and empty.

Here they are loaded with mags and medical stuff.

Remember I wanted to be able to place either 5.56 NATO or 7.62 NATO magazines into the chest rig without swapping out pouches. I also wanted to be able to carry 4 magazines as well. As you can see above I have two 7.62 NATO mags in the right chest pouch, two 5.56 NATO magazines in the left chest pouch and in the center pouch I have medical sheers, an Israeli bandage, and a tourniquet.

In this picture I left only one magazine in each pouch and cinched the straps down. The profile is smaller, but not much.


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