Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekend Reading, Random Gear News from the Internet, and Thoughts About an Universal Chest Rig.

From the archives of Max Velocity:

From the Combat Studies Group archive:


From UR-Tactical:

There is a removable molle panel that can become a lightweight chest rig or drop leg sub load. Also, their own chest rigs can be clipped to the plate carrier itself. It is an interesting rig available in a multitude of colors.

From Haley Strategic:

They are offering an Ultimate Pack set for both the D3CR and the D3CR-H which includes what you see in the picture. While it will set you back some coin of the realm, Haley Strategic's quality is well known.


What I have been looking for personally is a smaller chest rig that will be able to carry both 5.56 and 7.62 NATO magazines (minimum of 4 each) with no down time. An universal chest rig so to speak. Then the ability to be able to clip it to a plate carrier or run the chest rig solo would be beneficial. I have though about running HSGI taco pouches on a molle chest rig, but the QASM buckles range in size for attaching it to a plate carrier.

What have some of you done if you are looking for a similar solution?

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