Saturday, February 28, 2015

Things Are Speeding Up!

Net Neutrality approved by the FCC, EO on ammo, and Keystone Pipeline Veto all in one week. Communication outage in Arizona. Putin critic killed at the Kremlin. 

What the Hell is going on? I go to the field for 5 days and all this s&!t happens? I do not recognize my country any more. You are getting the fundamental change that he talked about in 2008-2009. And we still have 23 months to go. 

The GOP has publicly castrated itself. The Tea Party has lost a lot of its steam. And the dumb, pliable public is still distracted by bread and circus. 

Maybe my rantings are due to lack of sleep (6 hrs of sleep total from Tuesday to Friday night. Yeah, it was one of THOSE field problems. The hallucinations  were AWESOME!). Folks, they are setting the chessboard and the numbers of moves left are running out. 

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