Saturday, October 11, 2014

Why Are They Attracted To Islam and ISIS?

Most days you can peruse the internet news pages and see another news story about some Western young person who has decided to throw in their lot with ISIS. The writers then lament asking the question "why?"

My wife and I were discussing this the other day. I may have an idea why.

The Appeal of Islam. Think about people you have know in your own life who were hellions and then suddenly went straight and narrow in an extreme sort of way. Islam may have that kind of appeal to youth here in the West. Think on this: Today, America and the West is better known around the world for its "anything goes - no boundary society." When some people come up out of the slums of their life, they look for an outside source of discipline and total life belief that appeals or makes sense to them. Since academia and media has done an excellent job of castrating many of the traditional Western sources of this discipline (the military, the Church, etc), these same people start looking for the non-Western ways of life. This satisfies two goals in their mind: 1) attaining the discipline and boundaries that they seek, and 2) still sticking it to whomever they were rebelling against in the first place.

What better way to achieve this total life makeover than through Islam. It will totally schedule and direct your life!

But why ISIS? They are the current super soldiers of Islam. Everyone wants to be with the winner, right? Right now they are. They have attention of the world and they are on the march. Will the West wake up in time? Europe is already lost in many corners of it. What Islam could not do originally by the sword, they are doing by the birthrate.

Tom Kratman wrote a very interesting novel back in 2008 called "Caliphate" which describes an Islamic Europe in another 100 years. When I first read the novel I really appreciated the unblinking truthful look at how horribly women and children are treated in caliphates. One of the things I have noticed lately is a resurgence in Militant Christianity, or a rejection in the idea of total Christian pacifism. More people are realizing that they are their own when it comes to the the protection of their and their family's lives. The recent Moore, Oklahoma beheading really shook a lot of people I know.


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